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Answers to Your Questions...

Why do I need Massage/Physio Therapy?

We take our cars for tune-ups! Massage/Physio Therapy is part of a regular routine self-care for most people in Europe and Asia.

Studies have proven the numerous health benefits as well as to simply unwind & destress.

What are the best things I can do to help myself?

Sleep on a good mattress, use an ergonomic work chair (such as ObusForme), wear good shoes; eat more protein; eat well-balanced meals; drink more H2O; stretch or walk daily.

Hot vs. Cold

When in doubt stick with ice as you can't go wrong. Ice is for when symptoms are acute (first 72 hrs of pain). Heat is for sore/tense muscles. (More info. can be found in my Dancers Handbook, which is useful for everyone)

I've been getting Massage/Physio Therapy for months and my problem is not improving?

Generally after 3 hours of treatment if you do not see a change for the better it is the wrong therapy / therapist or rehab exercise.  It also may indicate to check back with your MD

Should rehab exercises hurt?

No. There are many ways to work a muscle. Rehab is not "building" it is correcting. We do not want to cause irritation, and never pain.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as a resource only and should not be used to self-diagnose or to treat injuries. If you are experiencing pain or dysfunction, seek medical attention.

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